Marcus Foster

I'm going... going... GONE!

I am leaving in 20 minutes for the airport and on my way to TEXAS!

I have so many shows to see, some great girls to meet and I cannot wait to start the partying!

I'll miss you all. And to the girls I'll be seeing soon, big hugs for you coming!

True Blood

Wow, what a summer coming up...

So I will post a real, actual update soon. I know I always say that but then I never actually sit down and take the time to do it. I just throw some show information up and then flee.

This is another one of those posts.


I'm so freakin' excited about this. Marcus Foster is going to blow me away next month, I just know it. What an amazing musician.

Anyways, more to come, I promise!

Bobby Long's coming to St. Louis finally! That's going to kick some ass. Totally dragging some friends to that show.
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Eric - Mouth Wipe

Tigers and Raccoons.

So, here's a video I took at the Zoo yesterday during my Epic St. Louis tour with Tara and her husband.

We had tons of fun, took a bunch of silly pictures that had us cracking up and the people around us concerned.

And here is a video of the tiger pit at the St. Louis Zoo where there was some sibling rivalry going on. The video is a couple of minutes long and sometimes impossible to see. But worth it!

Black/White Beauty

Hair cut

I tried something a bit more daring with my hair. Hard to tell with the webcam shots and stuff. But ah well, I love the colour of my hair in those pics! Here's a ton of shots

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True Blood

The Lost Boys of Summer!

This Wednesday we are having some very special guests on Vamp Radio.

We are having some of The Lost Boys cast on our show! Including a couple of the vamps(Paul and Dwayne), Laddie and the singer of the infamous song that practically made The Lost Boys... G Tom Mac. Now if you haven't heard some of G's songs, you really need to check it out. He's an incredible musician.

There is a possibility of other actors calling in as well, so tune in and learn some behind the scenes info from the Boys themselves!

Picture made by: Sarah

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Marcus Foster

Okay kids, today is the big day!

I am one of three hosts for Dreamers Radio, a Land of Dreamers radio show on Vamp Radio, Saturday afternoons.

We are having our first show today and because they are such awesome sports... Sam Bradley, Bobby Long and Phil Taylor have agreed to be on the show, starting at 1:15 pm central time! The show itself starts at 1:00 pm where Lizzy, Lacey and I discuss what Dreamers Radio is and what we will be doing for our shows.

Then at 4:00 pm central the big moment for me arrives.. my host status is "Team Marcus" and as a birthday gift to me, I get to be the person to interview Marcus Foster, who has yet to be interviewed for anything by us.

So of course I'm two seconds away from throwing up over here. ;)

But everyone on my list, please join us! We're extremely excited about this show and know a lot of members are too. So if you've ever been at all interested, check it out. :)
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True Blood

Just realized I haven't posted in a while...

Things are good here. Overtime projects are over with (though I have been offered the opportunity to work Saturday if I want.. pfft), school is out for the summer, and many of my nights are taken up with great opportunities!

I have officially passed MS250, so no more concerns about that. I have not been able to meet with my advisor to sign up for classes in the Fall yet, though.

At the end of the month I will be interviewing Marcus Foster! Since I try not to bore you guys too much with this stuff, I'll just say this is a huge deal to me and I am extremely excited for this opportunity.

Tonight is the back to back four hour long celebration of one year of Vamp Radio, and I have been informed that some rather interesting clips of a couple of the shows I have been on have been taken.

For example, Lacey got Mark Hole onto VampRadio on Wednesday and he put on quite the show for us! He entertained us the entire two hours he was on with barely a minute to suck in a mouthful of air. On top of that the man made out with me on air while I sat stunned and in shock!

So if anyone needs a laugh, seriously check out Vamp Radio on Itunes and download Mark Hole's interview. The man has a comedic gift, I swear.

Anyways, the trip to Austin/Dallas is in full preparation mode. I have my flight booked and the time off of work, so I am coming, ladies!

This month is full of great times both come and gone and I am excited for it. Hope everything is going okay with everyone.

jen and shanda, my thoughts are with you both and I hope things start looking up soon.
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Happy Kitty!

A quick post while I'm at lunch.

I've been listening to the Vamp Radio/LoD podcasts while at work and my co-workers were like "You need to stop listening to those! We keep hearing/seeing you cracking up laughing and then we can't help but laugh at you."

So I thought I'd share that even at work you guys are making me laugh, keeping me company and making my day so much more fun and interesting.

We seriously need to do that more often, if even just for a way for all of us to talk on the phone together!

Loved it. Love you guys!
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